External Terminal Window

You know what would be amazing - being able to split the Console out from the main IDE. I don’t know if this is possible but given all our other FR get built I figured I may as well throw it out there.

Credit to @jarred for this suggestions


What console are you talking about?

You can have as many server consoles as you like in each window, and you can have as many ide windows open as you like.

You can have one running app console for every ide that starts the app, and if you run the app in a separate tab, you can make the console in the ide (almost) full size.

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I assume @rickhurlbatt means a pop-out window for the terminal. Multiple tabs definitely is a work around, but it doesn’t “feel” right.

Hard to quantify an opinion :sweat_smile:

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I used to dream of the day we would have multiple windows for the code editors.

That day never came, but we now can have multiple IDE, each with one code editor, open on the same app and working together nicely. And if you double click on the editor tab title, the editor expands to the whole IDE, which is very close to having multiple windows for the code editor.

It doesn’t feel as smooth as my dreams, but I love it, use it and abuse it.

So, since we are exchanging opinions and speculations, in the future I see improvements on multiple concurrent IDEs, a road that Anvil has already chosen, rather than on pop up windows, which would be a new concept.


Two concepts can exist together, dreams do come true!


Yes @anthonys is right - having a pop running app console would be amazing. I guess the hitch we have at the moment is that the running app console only one tab… which is amazing in itself but can be a little cumbersome when navigating between multiple IDE tabs to get to the one that is running the app in test (I think that makes sense… :thinking: )


Yes it does make sense, and I had the same thought a few times.

I thought about an alternative FR to an external console, but I didn’t want to hijack this FR, so I created a new one.

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My workaround for this is to always have a debug-published version on its own tab that I refresh constantly, but then you trade off the nice run-console for the browser console.

I do the same, which is a must when you work with Anvil Extras routing module.

If I restarted the app from the IDE, it would always restart from the home page.

By refreshing it on its own running tab, the app starts with the same url hash it had, and it still talks to the console of its IDE.

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There is a way to get around this by storing the last url in indexed db or local storage and loading it immediately when the app is opened :wink:

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