Error Instantiating Component in Designer


I have been using this great multi select DropDown add-in in my main development app as a custom component. Recently, I see a message in the design page “Error instantiating token_box”, even though this whole custom component still runs correctly when my app is started. So it is a cosmetic issue. But I still would like to find out the source of the error and make sure it does not affect the performance of our app.

You can get a clone of the multi select dropdown I use from the link below.

Could someone help a bit? Many thanks,


I’ve updated the original clone

To fix your version go to the dependency
then in the file nav for MultiSelectDropDown and TokenBox
select convert to package

Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 20.25.43

This should fix the issue in the new designer.

All good now. Many thanks for the quick response, Stu.