Encrypt and decrypt message using fernet in Anvil

Hi again,

I have created a simple “secure message creator and reader” using a library called Fernet.

The app was created after i watched a movie called Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King, pun intended.

To use the app, you enter your super secret message, hit encrypt and then share the url (top right button) to your super secret friend.
Your friend then pastes the url, hit decode and then your friend can read your super secret message :slight_smile:

Link to live app: https://secure-message.anvil.app

Link to clone the project:

Here’s a late easter egg inside this link: https://secure-message.anvil.app/#?msg=gAAAAABkOsIrkp5tOqkOTRcKb89TbMLz098YKNz9BZmYDV9nGV-jbO8PQbNQnejsZB7SqrhaVj2iIJTUC5lsQng4S_BHsehaFu8SoZApr7GxbufspTj-Fmma9_v1gT4kE874Zqjgsz53&key=H1_H0mCnDfXnmrMYmJqLAN-Zr1yjDGo8591VXSgqk0s%3D