Confirmation link in emails not clickable!

I’ve been following this guide Anvil Docs | Custom user authentication in the Anvil how to guides to create a customised user login/sign up for my app. I haven’t implemented it in my actual app yet, but just produced a blank app as instructed in the guide to check it’s functionality. However, when it sends the confirmation email the link in the email isn’t clickable and looks like this:


Thanks for signing up for our service. To complete your sign-up, click here to confirm your email address:



It seems to me that it’s simply failing to append the URL to the begining of the link.
The above 14 digit key (871Akhb5NguOaU) in present in the ‘link_key’ column for the created user in the data table. I’m not sure that should actually be visible in the email link.

I’ve double and triple checked that I went through the guide correctly and all seems to be in order. I even went as far as to delete the blank app and create a new one, but still the same result. I can confirm it is correctly creating the user in the ‘users’ data table.

If I instead run the ‘clone of custom sign-up flow’ independently outside of the blank app I created, it will send me an email with active link that works correctly.

The startup module in my blank app is importing ‘custom_signup.login_flow’ as per:

from anvil import open_form
import custom_signup.login_flow

# Open Form1

I should probably post some more code here, but I’m neither a coder or developer, so I’m not entirely sure what code to post.

Anyone have an idea?

Thank you in advance.


I suspect you need to publish your app! It’s asking for a URL where this app is reachable, and getting None. You can just get a URL for your development environment; that will work.

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Ah, that makes sense.

Thank you

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