Change forms based on Column Panel buttons so that the panel never dissapears

What I’m trying to do:
I have a Column Panel with 3 buttons (located on the left side of the screen, that is my main form. The buttons are : my meetings, book new meeting and notifications).
Also i have 3 more forms for each button (MyMeetings, BookNewMeeting, Notifications)
What i wanna do is : when i click for example on my meeting button it has to open MyMeetings form on the right side of the screen and the panel with all buttons should not dissapear. So i can change the right side of the screen base on what button i clik on on the panel.
Please if anyone know how it works help.

What I’ve tried and what’s not working:

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Have you looked at the docs on navigation, in the replacing just the main content section? Anvil Docs | Navigation

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Have a poke around here: Nesting Standard Page with another Standard Page with app bar and side bar - #8 by nickantonaccio

Try this: