Nesting Standard Page with another Standard Page with app bar and side bar

What I’m trying to do:
So I tried to open a standard page with a side nav bar within another standard page with a side nav bar and all it did was leave my top level form and made itself it own standalone form. Is there a way to nest them? with no limits on how deep I can nest them?
What I’ve tried and what’s not working:
I got it working with blank panel nested in a top level form.

Do I need to make this a feature request if its not available?

It isn’t at all clear to me from your question what you’re trying to accomplish. A screenshot or mockup of what you’re trying to do would give folks a target to point you toward. As it is, all we know is that you want to “nest” forms. I personally don’t know what that means or what it would look like.

Have you tried playing with alerts and forms? That’s a belter.

Destructions are in here: Anvil | Add news articles to the database

Here is a picture of what I want to do, but doesn’t seem to allow me to do it. It just branches off as its own form not nested.
The reason is cause as the complexity of the app grows there no limit to the space and how deep I can go.

Yep, follow the tutorial on Alerts above.

Well I don’t really want a pop up form, but I’ll keep that at the back of my mind if I need extra real estate on a page. but currently I was thinkin of a sub navigation menu, under current one. When you click on “Trade Settings” is where I wnat my other nav menu to appear in the top level menu
Here is my public link,

currently it just opens its own thing but i want it inside so i can go back to the main top level menu

Have you looked at the navigation docs? Anvil Docs | Navigation

Specifically the section on replacing just the main content. Normally you do this by putting a blank panel form into the content section, but there’s no reason you can’t put a full form in there, complete with inner navigation bar.

Import the form to be nested:

from ..Form2 import Form2

Then add it to self.content_panel (or another layout panel of your choice):


yea I think I have that in there like have it in the navigation_link_click function.

maybe you can take a look for me. Its not in the init but it does get called when it gets clicked and calls the navigation_link_click function . When I add self.content_panel.add_component(Form2()) function replaced with my form in the __ init __ it just overrides the parent form.

@nickantonaccio I was able to recreate what you did with material design 2, but with material design 3 theme, it doesn’t do it. Do you think it might be a bug? How can I get the admins attention to look into it?

Also for material design 2, the form 2 menu seem to take over for form 1 menu, I can’t access the 2 menu separately.

see clone recreating in material design 3, it doesn’t nest it.