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Can we embed anvil's sign in/sign up user integration in a coloumn panel?

What I’m trying to do:
Can we embed anvil’s sign in/sign up user integration in a coloumn panel?

Actually anvil’s sign in/sign up page pop ups when user enters a page . I am thinking to emded this sign up / sign in page in a coloumn panel or card panel. So is their any way to do this…

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All I can suggest is an alternative:

  1. mimic the pop-up’s appearance using regular widgets, and
  2. mimic the behavior using custom code.

You can build a login and sign up form of your own. I have done it and it works perfectly. You have all methods like login with email, password, Google, Facebook etc available in anvil.users module.

S I tried to build it too.It also worked me well, but how to do the email verifications etc…

Can u also pls provide the clone link of ur login and sign up page

Thanx for your reply

I will check it…

Are you talking about verifying if the email or password is correct? If that is the case, you can set the error handler to display the error message in a notification or alert or any other way.

Hi @jack,

You can completely customise the UI for the Users Service! There’s a working example in the “How-To” section of our manual: Anvil Docs | Custom user authentication

K,I will check it out

Thanx for your support