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Can I use Pandas DataFrames in client side code?

What I’m trying to do:

Can I pass a pandas data frame into a table row as a csv file and then read it on the client side in code in a form and pull out the csv and convert it back into a data frame?

Currently I am finding the row by row add to table and then remove to be quite slow for larger files.

The short answer is “No,” you can’t use pandas on the client side.[1]

You can store a data frame in Data Tables this way. You can also find other ways to work with larger files on the forum.

[1] I’m wondering if there may be a way to adapt something like this to make pandas work on the client-side, but that would be a major project: GitHub - StratoDem/pandas-js: Pandas in JavaScript for data analysis and visualization

OK, great, thanks hugetiim, that helps. A.

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