Build a large Anvil app that will help people all over the world learn faster

We are looking for:
A Python developer

This job is:

This would be contract work, possibly long term. I’m on CET. The company is remote friendly.

About the position:

Do you want to work on what might become the largest anvil app ever in production?

Have you worked on a large web app that is in production (even if it’s not Anvil or even python)?

Are you serious about good programming practices (testing, version control)?
For version control, we’d be following WGACA’s great guide here:

The python world doesn’t have a strong testing culture (compared to ruby) but it’d be ideal if you have some experience writing tests. We will have a serious QA process, but we also need to move very fast to get V1 out of the door so no tests on the first version.

You have a decent background in computer science, software/web design principles (things like “state management”?). I don’t care about degrees or paper credentials.

The spec is > 30 tables. V1 would be a subset of this. But I want to show you the full functionality first, then we can simplify. The question is not to optimize it for a few queries, but for extensibility (build new features in the future).

How to apply:

Ping me on PMs here and I’ll send you the prototype for the schema (markdown). We can have a quick zoom call for more details.


Would this be an Anvil app that teaches Python on Anvil?

That could happen, but not on the first version…

If there is a role for a Scrum Master, Product Owner, Business Analyst working toward such a project I’d be interested.