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[Beta] Vertical scrolling sometimes doesn't work in IDE

Fairly regularly the IDE gets into a state for me where vertical scrolling for the form does not work. The form is tall enough to require vertical scrolling to see the rest of it in the IDE, but the scrollbar isn’t there and using the mouse wheel doesn’t scroll.

I can generally get the scrollbar back by switching to split screen and back, or sometimes to the code tab and back.

I haven’t identified a way of reproducing this, but it’s happening often enough that it should be showing up for other people if it isn’t just something specific to my browser(I’m on Chrome).

I don’t remember this happening before a few days ago, but maybe I just hadn’t tickled the right conditions before then.

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This happens to me all the time too. It happens more when you access a template from the form which uses it. It also occasionally freezes the editor if you try to change the Item type of the form.

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Thanks @jshaffstall and @gabriel.duro.s for reporting this! I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue, but it sounds like a bug. I’ve added it to our issue tracker and we’ll investigate!

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@brooke I don’t know if this will work the same for you or not, but here’s a clone link where I can reliably get the vertical scrollbars on the form to disappear: Anvil | Login

When viewing the form in the IDE, I switch to code and then back to design, and the vertical scrollbar is gone for me. I’m on Chrome.

Edit: On a different machine, still Chrome, it doesn’t break. Go figure.