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[Beta] Refresh needed to see new custom components

When I add a new custom component in the Beta editor, it often doesn’t show up correctly–for instance if I try to add it to a form that I already had open in another tab.

Also can confirm this.
And size for custom component is not always correct. (1px high component shown as 15-20px)

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Thanks for reporting - (moved to bug reports)

@briskspirit - thanks for confirming. Worth noting that the second point is unrelated to this thread.

Edit - I think I’ve managed to reproduce this consistently.
If you have specific reproduction steps please add them to this thread so I can corroborate.

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Sorry, I wasn’t able to reproduce it in a simpler app just now, so I don’t think I’m going to be able to be more specific, myself.

It happened multiple times as I was working on an app yesterday morning, but it was amidst making lots of changes, so I don’t have much of a guess about the cause. (Actually, I think I was having issues with my computer running low on resources at the time, so it’s possible the problem was on my end somewhat.)

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In my case I see this problem after I use IDE for a long time (like few days) without refresh. After refresh I can’t reproduce this bug.

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