[BETA] Possible Package rename bug?

What’s happening:
When app A depends on app B, and app B package name is changed from x to y, app A shows the package name as the old package name x (within app A dependency settings).

Even if you remove the dependency B in app A, and re add dependency B to A, the package name does not get updated from x to y.

Specifically my Simple SMS Marketing app depends on my Calendar App:

However, I changed the package name of the Calendar App to be Calendar_App NOT Simple_Calandar, which was the OLD name:

Thanks @nathanguyette - i think this one is already on our list.

Does the package name get fixed after a refresh?

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No, it does not get fixed after refresh. Thanks for looking into it.

And just to check that your app is pointing to the correct dependency version.

Do you have a published branch in the dependency?
In which case you’d want to make sure that the published branch package name is up to date.
If you only have a master branch then the package name change must be on the master branch.

You can also try removing the dependency and re-adding it. (Possibly between closing the dependency tab and reopening it)

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I do not have a “published” branch in the dependency. There are only “master” and “development” branches.

I merged “development” into “master”, which then changed both the “Development” and “Published” versions to the correct package name, which is “Calendar_App”, within the “Dependencies” section of the Simple SMS Marketing app.

Is that expected behavior? Because I did check before the merge, and both Development and Published had the same incorrect package names of “Simple_Calandar”.

Hi Stu - any update on this one? I’m having a similar issue

I’m not actually able to reproduce this:

The steps I tried:

  1. create a dependency Foo with package name Foo
  2. create an App
  3. make App depend on Foo
  4. go to Foo and change the package name to Bar
  5. go back to App (different tab) - Foo still shows, but:
    • toggling the dropdown between published and development changes the name to Bar
    • refreshing the page changes the name to Bar
    • removing and re-adding the dependency changes the name to Bar
    • going back to myapps and then reopening the app changes the name to Bar

In Foo I only had a master branch.

If either of you have reproduction steps Then I can try and reproduce