[Beta] Don't update data table row if no changes were made in IDE

Currently, if you double-click to edit a column value in a data table row, when you stop editing the value is written to the data table even if no changes were made. This caused some confusion in Anvil tables update not happening actually .

It’d be nice if changes were only written if there was an actual change. This is most important for simple object columns, where editing the field is the only way to see the entire value.

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Same as [Beta] Do not update table rows when pressing esc or when they have been modified?

Slightly different request (although certainly in the spirit of yours). I specifically never want the value updated if the value in the edit box has not changed. This seems very easy to implement (all on the client), versus the need to check the current value of the row on the server (essentially doing a refresh under the hood).

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