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[Beta] Bug while configuring Custom Component to have form as property

When creating a new [Blank] form and configuring it as a Custom Component, there’s a new option for the type of the property: Form

Since I never seen this type before, I wanted to check it out, however, as soon as you click in this option, the popup closes and gives an error:

From now on, every time you try to reopen the “Configure Component” popup for that form, it raises this error, making it impossible to undo the setup (from the editor, at least), making the only options to delete and recreate the component or revert to a previous commit.

This is probably an experimental feature not intended to release widely. Either way, reporting it to let you know if it was intended to go to production or not.

Thanks for reporting - we’ll get that fixed.
it’s actually an old feature. You’ll find it in the classic editor too.

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@gabriel.duro.s I wasn’t able to reproduce this doing the obvious thing -
Do you have the steps you took to reproduce?
(You may want to try this in a blank app)

You should be able to change the type by moving back to the classic editor for now.

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Hummm… I couldn’t reproduce it in a blank panel too… Maybe it was due to too much forms? Or too much packages? Or due to having forms as modules (currently possible to edit, but not to change in the new editor).

I made a clone of my app where this happens every time I test. Here’s the clone:

And here are the steps for it:

  1. In the Client Code, go to Components > Commons and create a new Blank Form inside of it;
  2. Click on Configure Component in this new form.
  3. Add a property. As soon as you change the property to Form the app shows an error.

Perfect - thanks for that.
We should be able to ship a fix soon.