[Beta] Add horizontal scrollbar to the input line of the console

I printed a dictionary to the console, copied it from the output area, pasted it on the input line, tried to edit it, but it was impossible because it was a few thousands characters long and there was no scroll bar.

I pressed F3 and searched for the text, but it didn’t automatically scroll to the text.

I was able to add a dozen new lines pressing shift+enter, so it would fit on the input area, but it wasn’t fun.


As an interim, perhaps CTRL-END to get the cursor to the end-of-line? (With SHIFT if you’re selecting text.)

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Yes, ctrl+left / right / home / end do help, but when I have a 3000 character long dictionary and I’m looking for all the instances of a word, I need either word wrap or a scrollbar (or both).

If there were a scrollbar, I could use it to scroll back and forth, and searching on the page (F3 on Chrome) would scroll to the correct position.

Sometimes I edit the text on an external text editor, then paste it in the console input field, which works, but if I then edit a little and want to copy back to the text editor for further editing, the copy doesn’t work either :frowning:.

I did notice great improvements in the console (thank you Anvil!), but these little things are what you think about and frustrate you at every keystroke.

Hi Stefano,

I’ve added it to our list of console improvements. Thanks for raising this.