Anvilistas - The Greatest Hits

@stucork and I have formed a band and released an album of our greatest solo hits:

That’s a brand new library but it brings together several of the tools and utilities that we’ve both written into one place.

Just add anvil-extras as a dependency and you get a few new components plus goodies like messaging, augmented events, popovers etc. etc.

There’s more detail on the project’s readme and full (ish) documentation at readthedocs.

We have plans for more goodies to add and we’d love to see contributions from anyone else. (Get a PR accepted and you become a band member complete with the lovely logo added to your github profile)!

Quick Start

Clone the app, add it as a dependency and play around:


It occurs to me that The Anvilistas must be a heavy metal band.

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Who do an excellent cover version of Queen’s Hammer To Fall.

I’ve heard their cover of Maxwell’s (Owen’s?) Silver Hammer will change your life.

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I can play drums, a little bit of guitar, and at every available opportunity I’ll sing.

What can you lot play? Maybe we should be looking for a post lock down band?

Now that’s something that excites me :slight_smile:

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I was once a guitarist. That was some years ago.

My student band was called Wet Wet Wet Patch, I’m slightly ashamed to admit.

Past is the past. And I really, really miss playing.

I’m nowhere near your neighborhood but been I’ve playing drums for nearly 30 years regularly :astonished:!

Unfortunately real-time virtual jamming is not there yet.

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Wait a second… is this it? Is my music degree about to pay off?? Can it finally be happening after all these years??? I thought this day would never come… (Abandon all hope, ye who pursue music degrees.)

When choosing his major, 18-year-old Kevin had not yet learned to code, but at least I got a few guitars out of the deal. As well as enough regret to become a decent Blues player. :joy:


This looks great, thanks again.

But… What are your thoughts about splitting all the tools into single dependency apps?

I used to have one app called Common Components and I used to use it as a dependency for all my new apps.

At a certain point I had a long list of custom components on the toolbox that was ugly and forced me to scroll down to see the selected component properties.

Then I learned that all my apps were slow because they kept importing tons of useless stuff.

And all the apps depended on tables that they didn’t really need. For example some apps don’t require authentication or user management, but I had to set them up with the user service and the user table. And some apps didn’t need certain parameters, but I had to set them up with a global parameter table.

So I dismembered that Common Components app in many little apps, each with just one or a few custom components or with just one server module, and everything seems to be running smoother.

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Well, nothing in there requires a data table and each element can be imported in isolation, so it should be OK. Just don’t import the whole thing anywhere!

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