Anvil has been slow lately (and today super slow)

Hello Friends:

Whether I visit my IDE session; my Application homepage without logging in; or my static website, they are all responding very slowly.

So slow, in fact, that I sometimes get a runtime error when I make a non-backend change in the IDE and restart the App (i.e. I have to stop and start it again).

But again, this is also occurring on a simple static website.

Appologies if I missed a discussion or if this has been mentioned (I did look around). And ideas?

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: FYI… The static website is basically the Anvil example template for that, but incredibly stripped down to just one super simple page, and virtually no code (only a few k=v pairs to fill in RichText component content).


I’ve been having a similar issue. I’ve gotten “anvil.server.TimeoutError: server code took too long” many times today. I’m sure my server code isn’t perfect, but it generally doesn’t cause this problem.

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Thank you for the input.


It’s been the same for me for a couple of days too.


I have a few dozen small tables, and bringing any one of them up in the IDE is taking much longer than normal.

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Yep, today for me was painful to try to get anything done.

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I’ve not experienced this before so I don’t know to expect in terms of resolution. Does this happen from time to time and it just resolves itself, or does Anvil report back upon seeing an issue like this?

Yes I have also had the same… I thought it was just our location / local connection

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It is sometimes slow for me too today, and I got an error message that I have not seen before:

anvil.server.RuntimeUnavailableError: Server resources not available for 'python3-full'. Please contact
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I started facing this issue as well.

Glad that I am not alone

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Hello All,

We had degraded performance in one node in our cluster. We’ve deployed a fix and it is now resolved.

Sorry for the degraded service. Please let us know if you have any other issues.



Is there a connex to modules as well?
On my side very slow and just now got this:
Doesn’t get module random?

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Looks like someone else is having that problem as well

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