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Anvil Extras 1.9

We’ve just released Anvil Extras v1.9.0 with:

New Features

  • Select All functionality added to MultiSelect component
  • Dynamic serialisation of data tables rows
  • utils.correct_canvas_resolution() - canvas elements can look blurry on retina displays
    This function sharpens the resolution of a canvas element when called in the reset event
  • augment.remove_event_handler() added to the augment module
  • Slider - visual properties - handle_size, bar_height, and role added


  • storage supports datetime and date objects
  • on_form_load() can be used in a routing.main_router Form
    This method will be fired with the current url_hash and the form that was added to the content_panel.
  • animate duration argument is no longer keyword only i.e. animate(self, fade_in, 300) is valid

Bug fixes

  • MultiSelect component works correctly in a popover
  • popover is_visible bug when using pop("toggle")
  • Using routing load_from_cache=False to reload the current form works correctly
  • PageBreak retains its thickness in print mode

You should also find that you can now ‘pin’ the version you wish to depend on to any of our releases - not just ‘published’ and ‘master’ any more!


How does that work? Is this related to dependencies or git?

YAY!!! :boom: :fireworks: :trumpet: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiley: :confetti_ball: :gift:



oooooooo…I’ve not seen that before!

So how do you do that if you want to offer your own libraries? I can’t find anything in the docs.

I thought it was going to be automatic, but I created 3 environments with 3 branches, explored all the settings I could think of, but couldn’t find anything about dependencies.

I added the app with the 3 environments as dependency of a new app, and I only saw the old Published and Development options only.

Well… this post is about Anvil Extras, let’s wait for the official announcement for the pinnable dependency version :crossed_fingers:


It works off git tags in the repo

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So can I set these within the git settings of the IDE?

Please forgive my gitnorance, but I’m 93 you know …

No, not within the IDE (that I know of). For anvil extras, I have a local repo. For a release, I create a tag and push to the github repo which then triggers a push to the app itself at anvil.

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I use the excellent bumpversion tool to handle the version numbering and git tags.


Not announcement. But what’s been inferred so far is correct.

Git tags with a v followed by a number will be considered a tagged version. e.g. v2.3-dev.

At present you can push git tags from your local machine to anvil and they should show up as per the drop down list in @stefano.menci screenshot.

Currently there’s no way to add a tagged version in the IDE… yet.


please don’t make me use git properly …

ooo, sounds like it might be on the cards, though. I’ll give you about 8 or 9 years to release that before I bite the bullet on git :slight_smile: