AI Generated Anvil Code

Github Copilot making a frighteningly good attempt to write server functions for me:



I think this would be very helpful with Anvil.

Many apps have forms with repeating panels with row template forms using events to delete, edit and add items, etc…, and I find myself repeating similar chunks of code again and again.

I thought about creating my own cookie cutter, but there isn’t any useful enough generic starting point.

I have already given up using vim-ish editors, but this might make it worth giving it another try.

Are you letting us try on our own starting from the GitHub page or are you going to give us some step by step setup instructions? :wink:

Does the Copilot integration sit on top of the vim (or whatever you have that takes over the editing) integration?

PS: The animation does the job of giving an idea of what’s going on, but I would have liked it on a smaller area, so the text would have been readable. Same comment on you other post.

That’s my local neovim running (in headless mode) as the editor within the Anvil IDE using the firenvim Firefox extension. My config files for neovim are available at github

For copilot, you sign up and, once you have an invitation, they will send you instructions for setting up the plugin.

You can always right mouse click and open those in a new tab.

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I use Visual Studio Code and TabNine it does something similar, friends of mine have told me to try Copilot as well, this looks impressive.

TabNine will also look in any local directories you assign to it and work off of your private unpublished code for hints, as well as github and the documentation for libraries you have loaded. (Similar to the anvil autocomplete, but with your own codebase)

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I played with TabNime a while back. It works well and I liked the sourcing of local files. It also has a neovim plugin, so I worked in the IDE too.

However, I was too tight fisted to pay for it!

@owen.campbell this is an awesome idea, this could slash dev time , esp if it can learn off my local libraries… I am using Syncfusion ui controls which are a bit diff to the standard anvil ones and also using firestore for the database but there is a lot of python code that still needs to be stitched together for CRUD and validation etc

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@owen.campbell Could you kindly explain how did you get Copilot to work with the browser? (please forgive my ignorance :grimacing:)

Explained further up this thread.

@owen.campbell again forgive my ignorance, how do I use your:

Plug ‘glacambre/firenvim’, { ‘do’: { _ → firenvim#install(0) } }

I have already installed neovim and firenvim, but I am not sure how continue from there?

This is straying far away from being an anvil question. You’re asking now about how to setup and configure neovim.

I suggest you try those sorts of questions somewhere more relevant like, for example, the editors-ides channel on the Python Discord Server or the Neovim Discourse Group.