A Help Center for my project

Just wanted to show a Help Center I made for my main project

You can check it out at https://support.geeke.app

This project utilises an organised way of displaying articles on it and is also optimised for search engines as best as possible (pages have already started displaying well on Google site:support.geeke.app - Google Search)

Also, the main reason why I am making this post is that I was wondering if I should share a clone link for a template based on it? It may save a lot of time for someone who wants to build a website for displaying articles, blogs or anything similiar if anyone is actually in need.


Looks really great! I was going to use Outseta for my support site but I’d love to keep everything in Anvil.

The key challenge with maintaining something like this is maintaining the content itself in a user friendly interface. It becomes an app for admins just as much as customers.

I think you’d get a lot of use out of my chatbot example - using the content from the support site to add a little chatbot widget to it (basically supercharging the search bar).

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Thanks for the feedback. I do have a proper GUI that lets you add new articles.

Also, thanks for the suggestion of integrating AI. I will consider using that since your project was really great.