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Here is, at last, the main project I built with Anvil. It has been around for more than a month but now seems like a good time to share it at last. You can check it out by visiting the link

Using Anvil has been a great experience so far. It was easy enough to allow a mere high schooler like me to build his dream.

I have also started using Anvil for other activities like Hackathon competitions and will surely share my other works here as well.

Hope you enjoy the website. Although it is still in Beta and there are plenty of errors to take care of.

Edit: Oh and thanks to the Anvil Extras team as well for their wonderful components.


Wow, this is blowing me away. It looks really sharp, and (for starters) I am learning some great ideas from your onboarding process for my own project!

One bug report: Clicking on “What is my username?” in the first onboarding step didn’t do anything.

Thanks for the feedback and also for making me aware of this. I’ll fix this surely.

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Thanks for sharing @divyeshlakhotia and congratulations on the beta launch!


More than a year now but finally Geeke is ready. It has a new look and now moved to https://geeke.app.

Geeke is an online platform where users can read free books or upload their own works. It also has mostly all features that a typical social media does including Chats, Comments, Inbox, etc. alongside a great environment for reading and writing.

I also recently added a feature to create beautiful moments (a concept adapted from Stories on Facebook/Instagram) by building a drop-and-drop image editor from scratch.

And everything is built completely in Anvil.

While this was a huge and complex project, I mostly enjoyed the building process. It was also a great learning experience (when I started building it with Anvil, I wasn’t even sure whether I needed to use = or ==)

Will love to receive your feedback on Geeke.

PS: Now I have to move on to something I have 0 knowledge about and properly market it.


I’m seeing a “Failed To Log In - Server resources not available for ‘python3-full’.” message when/after I use the Google log in.

Yeah sorry. Looks like my plan just expired yesterday. Have to renew it now.

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