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How Anvil apps are hosted

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Anvil is a tool for building full-stack web apps with nothing but Python and a drag-and-drop designer. Learn more on our website, or sign up and try it yourself -- it's free!

Hosting by us (default)

By default, Anvil apps are hosted in our cloud servers without requiring any configuration from you. As soon as you start building an app, it is hosted on the internet at a private, unguessable URL.

Publishing Privately

You can configure a public, meaningful URL at the click of a button.

Publishing Publicly

You can set the published verison of your app to be different from the development version, as explained in the reference docs.

We handle the scaling of your app. The amount of compute and storage you can use is decided by your pricing plan. Your compute limit is expressed in terms of compute units. One compute unit corresponds to a single server function running continuously. How that is used depends on your application - it could be tens of thousands of users performing lightweight operations, or a single user running heavy-duty simulation code.

We will let you know if you are anywhere near coming to your usage limit, and we never deny access to your users if you exceed your limit - we will simply make you aware and discuss how to proceed.

Dedicated compute and storage

On the Dedicated pricing plan, your Server Modules and Data Tables are guaranteed to be on separate AWS instances from other customers. We spin up sufficient resources in AWS to meet your specific needs - we discuss the level of provision with you in advance and the AWS resources are provided at cost price. This guarantees you’ll have the performance you require, without you needing to think about the mechanics of hosting.

Contact us at to discuss further.

On-site installations

Customers who want to manage their own hosting can install Anvil on their own machines. This could be your own network, a private cloud, or an account in a public cloud. We will help with the installation or perform it for you. Anvil is three Docker containers and installing is usually as simple as running a single shell command (docker-compose up).

If your network is airgapped from the internet, this gives an even greater guarantee of security.

Contact us at to discuss further.

Managed Enterprise instances

If you want the advantages of an on-site installation without managing things yourself, we can manage your installation for you in a public cloud provider like AWS or Azure. You still get a whole Anvil system dedicated to your organisation.

Contact us at to discuss further.