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YouTubeVideo only partially working

Hi there,

I am trying to link current time (play position) in a video to a geographical location so I need to be able to access current_time on a video during playback but current_time always shows as 0.

In testing I’ve found I can read and write to youtube_id and autoplay fine (the correct video plays based on the modified youtube_id and it plays automatically with autoplay = True) but I can’t read or write to current time and I can’t read duration. There are no errors that I can see. The values of these variables remain at 0 and changing current_time has no effect on the video playback.

I’ve got the same results on both Firefox and Chrome on Ubuntu. Any ideas?


Observed the same behaviour, at least for “current_time”. You can assign a value, but it remains zero after assignment.

Thanks for letting us know, @Matthias (and welcome to the Forum!)

Moving to Bug Reports.

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