Yet another permissions

Inspired by

And Bridget’s awesome comment near the end of this thread:

I thought I’d make this even simpler for my needs. I created several ‘auth_’ boolean columns in my users table and those are my permissions. I went with this route after trying 2/3 table setups that were just too complicated when it came to querying based on permissions.

I modified the scripts seen in the above threads to come up with this to wrap around the anvil.server.callable, which I have stored in a server module:

import anvil.server

from functools import wraps, partial

def permission_required(permissions):
    def decorator(func):
        def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
            return func(*args, **kwargs)
        return anvil.server.callable(require_user=partial(check_user_auth, permissions=permissions))(wrapper)
    return decorator

def check_user_auth(user, permissions):
    print('Checking user auth: ', permissions)
    if user is None:
        return False
    if isinstance(permissions, str):
        required_permissions = set([permissions])
        required_permissions = set(permissions)

        user_permissions = set(
                for permission in required_permissions
                if user[permission] == True
    except Exception:
        return False
    if not required_permissions.issubset(user_permissions):
        return False
    return True

And now, I have a single decorator I can use for server callables I want to authorize:

from .helpers import permission_required

def do_something(input):
    # do something
    return None

Really nice. I like the ability to have a combination of permissions for a single method.

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