Yet Another Developer Advocate

Hi folks! I’m Eli (they/them), and I’m the latest to join the Anvil team as a developer advocate. I’d worked mostly as a backend software developer before coming here, so I’m still getting used to the novelty of being able to create web apps without spending hours reading about JavaScript on StackOverflow!

I’ve been in a bunch of industries, from telecoms to analog circuitry to biotech, and I love learning new and obscure things. Tell me all about the weird problems you’re solving with Anvil! I’ve also worked as a tutor, and I enjoy the challenge of trying to communicate complicated technical ideas.

I’ve been involved in Agile methodologies throughout my time as a software developer, which means I really value the process of understanding what it is that users want; I’m keen to make sure that the Anvil team is as involved as possible with the community!

Before working in software, I studied maths, although more of my time at university was spent in various orchestras and pit bands than in lecture theatres.

In my spare time, I like to grow plants, do yarncrafts, and play video games - or rather, sit and refresh ConcernedApe’s twitter, waiting for news on the new Stardew Valley update…

I’ll be hanging around the forums, writing blog posts, and helping make sure Anvil is the best it can be. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you!


Fantastic news! Congratulations Eli!

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Great to see the team growing. Welcome to the forum, @eli-anvil and congrats on the role.

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Blimey! There’s faasends of 'em!

Excellent news! Welcome!


Welcome Eli, I am sure you will enjoy the product!

Congratulations Eli & Anvil! :grin: