Workshop: Data Dashboard Tutorial

Not sure whether I’m missing something obvious, or things have changed since the tutorial was originally put up.
Copy and pasting my way through this tutorial and I run into an issue at step 4/5.

Issue 1 - This line creates a ‘byte type object required not string’ error:

all_rows = data.split(‘\n’)

Issue 2 - No module named Data.

The finished clone code features the same lines but is refactored from here; so not easy to see what is wrong, at this stage, that might be fixed later etc.

**Clone link:**

Hi @oliverduce and welcome to the forum!

Thanks for bringing this up! This is a really old tutorial, and it might not work as expected, we’ll look into it. In the meantime, if you want to learn how to build dashboards with Anvil, I’d recommend following the newer Data Dashboard tutorials:

Ok, thanks will check it out.