What tools are available for source code documentation, automated testing, code covereage, etc?

I’m an old-school programmer, but new to python. That means I create a lot of sloppy code, and dead code. I’m looking for ways to make my app more robust. For example, scan for functions that are no longer used, print calling sequences, function list by module, etc.

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I’d recommend pulling your app into a local repo and using a full fledged desktop IDE or a CI/CD system to do that.

Gift documentation: https://anvil.works/docs/version-control/git

Something that comes to mind is using he new Github actions to do auto testing on every commit. Also you could have a script run that would identify orphan functions.

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You may find that the tools and concepts that deal with “unit testing” in Python very helpful. For example, the pytest package is very helpful (and as mentioned, can be integrated nicely with GitHub actions).

some linked topics on testing:

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