What counts against email quota?


After realizing that, when an incoming message is addressed to multiple “to” addresses at @myapp.anvil.app, the decorator @anvil.email.handle_message() feeds a separate copy of the message for each “to” address to my message handling function, I started wondering exactly what counts toward my email quota, and I couldn’t find the answer in the docs or here on the forum.

If Incoming email messages do count toward my email quota, then does Anvil.Works count a message addressed to multiple “to” addresses at @myapp.anvil.app as one message, or does it count the message once for each “to” address?

If an Outgoing message has multiple addressees listed in the To: field, the CC: field, and the BCC: field, then does Anvil.Works count it as a single message, as three messages, or as one message for each addressee?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t actually know but I would guess it was just 1 ingress/egress. Meaning you send one message through the server with multiple “to:”'s it is just one email, routed to multiple email addresses in the global email system, like it always has been.

I would think receiving an email is the same way, the internet sends Anvil one email message since it is the same message addressed to multiple people at that domain (anvil), and then expects the anvil email server to go the “last mile” and send one copy to each of the addresses within its own email server.

Thank you Ian.

Your guess is the same as mine, but I am still hoping for a definitive answer from the Anvil team.