Way To Clear The App Log

When you get a few 100ks of messages in the app log, it gets a little slow.

Could we have a way to clear it, please?

I’d suggest “Clear everything older than [ ] hours? [Yes] [No]”


Or an app setting:

[ ] Keep <x> log entries
[ ] Keep <y> days of logs

So you wouldn’t need to click a button.


Agreed, that would be a great addition - added to feature requests :slight_smile:


Great idea! Could use that very much actually as one of my apps’ log is so full it won’t even load.

Just wanted to suggest an option to exempt error messages from deletion.

@bridget Is there any chance we will see this feature soon? I can’t look into error reports from my users because my logs aren’t loading. :expressionless: As soon as I hit App Logs they start loading but never finish.

No news yet :slight_smile: But if your App Logs aren’t loading at all, that’s a more serious issue. If it’s OK for us to investigate, please send us an email with the ID of the affected app (you can find it in the URL bar when you have it open in the editor) to support@anvil.works.

PS: No need to @-mention any of us in particular! Doing that doesn’t send any extra notifications, and someone - it rotates around the team - is always keeping an eye on the forum, even though we don’t reply to every post.

Thanks, Meredydd! I’ll get them to you right away.

I too would really love a way to clear the logs. It is so slow even opening them let alone searching for a UUID from an error report that they are nearly unusable.

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Hi folks, first time post here so apologies if this is answered elsewhere but was a way to clear logs ever implemented? I recently took over some anvil projects. I like the platform so far but waiting on the logs to load is a bit of a headache. Thanks

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I’m pretty sure they (Anvil) implemented some sort of speedup through cashing very old logs. If most of your logs are new, this could be the reason for the slowness.

I know they also are working on them quite often, which can cause short periods of slowness if they have an outage or have to turn off the cashing to do some kind of an update.

So I’m not sure if they are working on this FR or if they have decided tackling the problem with a different set of tools is a better idea.

…Also welcome to the forum! :wave:

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