URGENT - Looking for Anvil Developer to Refresh the UI on my App

BACKGROUND: I built a fully functioning anvil app (containing 14 forms, although only 4 distinct form outline / structures) that is currently live. However, my UI isn’t very good and I need a refresh based on 2 new, fully functioning forms. I need someone to update the global settings, then also update each page element as well, if needed.

  • 14 forms need to be edited or cleaned up.
  • If possible, a pass on the code to make the app go faster. Currently takes a while to load each form and ‘flutters’.

In regards to the actual developing of the forms, all elements (button names, display boxes, etc.) should remain the same if the back end code is to work. Minor changes (add/remove display boxes) based on button clicks is likely the extent of changes.

See the pictures below about the existing UI.

This job is: Contracting, and I think it will take 2-3 days. I have a budget and can pay immediately. I’d like to get this done by the weekend!

Location: Remote. Canada.

How to apply:
Send me a DM with a few screenshots of your UI. Please also send me a description of an anvil app you’ve developed.

Once we decide to work together, let’s do a quick google meeting to walkthrough all the elements, and you can provide a quote.

Here is the form that we’ve built. It’s exactly how we want it to look / feel.

Here is the form as it currently operates.

Here are all the forms that need an overhaul.

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