Uplink Disconnect Error

I have 2 uplink codes that are running 24/7 in my server. And uplink disconnect error happens sometimes. Not sure why. I have tested and made sure env_handler.py is indeed working perfect. But the other uplink.py is not working.

Screenshot from 2021-04-27 10-34-55

anvil._server.UplinkDisconnectedError: The uplink server for "upload_nbk_server" has been disconnected


The problem is fixed whenever I restart my server but I want to know why this happens and why anvil fails to reconnect to the uplink.

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p.colbert had a similar issue in the past. Perhaps we can learn from what he tried:

I have been struggling with keeping my uplink alive as well. It fails daily so now I have just been manually restarting it every day. Thought it might have been a problem with my WiFi, but now the uplink program is being run on a desktop with an ethernet connection.

I finally have some time to start looking into to this deeper. Do we have any potential solutions? Seems like the @p.colbert thread indicates to just do some try ... except: to just catch it and try to handle it. I can report my own problem more specifically once I get the error messages tomorrow.