Upgraded to Dedicated and Loving the Speed!

Hello Anvil Community,

We are getting ready to release our SaaS application in the next few weeks! I wanted to talk a little bit about our experience upgrading. I’ll be coming back with a post more about what our app does when we launch. What you need to know is that our app performs multiple parallel instances of a fairly CPU heavy operation.

Personal Plan Level
We build most of our application at the personal level. This was great for keeping our costs low as we bootstrapped our application together and defined user needs.

Business Plan Level
We were ramping up for our deployment and we skipped right over Professional. The persistent server will make your server calls much snappier since you don’t have the 10-15 seconds of setup each time you call to the server. This is the big thing you are buying at this level. This is when our application started to feel less like a mock-up and more like a production deployment. We saw some, but not a massive boost in completion times.

Dedicated Plan Level
We were on Business level for less than a month before it become apparent that the file processing times would be a deal-breaker for our customers. Now we are running on a C5 xLarge instance in the dedicated plan. We are now hitting our timing metrics. One file process times are ~40% of the time that it did on Business and we can run about 3-5 in parallel at full speed instead of just 1.

If you are in the early phase of designing a CPU heavy app and trying to work out your business model.
It is probably safe to assume that for production you will need a Dedicated plan with a C5 xL.

A quick shout out to Meredydd, Ian, and the Anvil team. They were super helpful in getting us up and running! Thank you so much for helping us scale!

Happy Coding!