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Unusual horn on Swedish anvil

I just adopted this unusual Anvil from a 4th generation welding shop in Pittsburgh but I’ve never seen an anvil with a horn like this one it weighs 168 lb any info you folks might have would be appreciated

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I know this is not meant for this forum, but I for one appreciate a decent Swedish anvil.


I grew up around blacksmiths many decades ago and I have seen anvils with horns and holes with several shapes or diameters similar to this one… but I have never adopted one.

Are you going to make an app out of it?

I’m sorry is this not the correct place to put Anvil questions super excited about it and just trying to learn more about its history

Welcome to the Forum, @Theboney1308!

This is a forum about a web app programming system called Anvil. That said, we enjoyed your post about your anvil. I hope you find out why it has such an unusual horn (and if anybody here is an expert in both kinds of anvil/Anvil, please do pipe up!)


While it’s easy to laugh about other’s mistakes (and this one is quite funny!), it seems that people looking to discuss anvils are, naturally, googling “anvil forum” and hitting the top link.

The problem is, both the listing and the pages themselves do next to nothing to suggest that they have not ended up in the right place (Google has tried to help by surfacing a Python 3.6 thread, but it’s lost among the noise).

When clicking through, the user is reasurred that “this is the place to talk to other anvil users”. There is no mention of what Anvil is, indeed, no reference to software or app development whatsoever…!

(I know, I know, there are lots of clues if you are looking. The outcome proves that it’s an issue).