Unhandled runtime error when leaving an app open overnight

Hi All,

I often see that a browser window that is left open over night raises an uhandled runtime error after some time. Since our users do that a lot we received quite some bug reports because of that.

To me it seems to be an issue of anvils websocket connections:

We have “solved” it, by overriding the errorhandling for production and catching those errors and handle unhandled runtime errors differntly. However this doesn’t feel clean as we could potentially be overlooking important unhandled rt errors.



Any update from Anvil central on this?
We are seeing this specific error on several places, especially in offline cases.

This is very annoying for us and any update would be greatly appreciated.

Update: We are still seeing those errors pop up in the applogs.

It is a combination of offline/online and session expired which causes this error.


we experience this ‘Unhandled runtime error’ as well.
Strangley only with mobile phones, not from desktop.
How can we handle the Unhandled?
Cheers Aaron

Hi all,

@meredydd has some advice here on catching these kinds of errors for more detailed logs:

It sounds like @mark.breuss has already got custom error handlers in place, which should hopefully make this process easier - if you’ve already got this kind of debug info, please let us know so we can help track the problem down!

Hi @eli-anvil,

thanks for the follow up!
Just added the original error stack trace to the next release.

Interested to see what it uncovers.
will report back. :+1:


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