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UI/UX specialist for custom HTML in Anvil

We are looking for: We need Web Desinger that can turn wireframes into cutting edge UI while maintaining as much “anvilness” as possible. In Anvil Terms, create custom HTML Forms.

This job is: Contracting

Location: remote work

About the position:
We are developing a light Web based ERP System specialized on Bakerys. While my Python and Anvil skills are alright, we lack a solid Web Design. We are an early Startup but further jobs like this are much likely.

For a specific part of the application however we need some assistance because the UI must be on point there. Specifically, we need someone that knows how to implement custom Frontend (HTML, CSS) to Anvil apps, while maintaining as much anvilness as possible.

As a Template for the type and architecture of implementation the “Ticketing System” should be mimicked.

Not necessarily in terms of the UI but in terms of the implementation. But in terms of:

  • The UI is custom html/css – and looks great.
  • The anvilness is preserved, where possible Anvil components are used (repeating panels etc.) -> as little html/css as possible
  • The architecture of the components fits the implementation of the business logic later on.

So far so good, what do we need from you?

One part of the application is the order application, there a salesperson can search through all orders and create/edit them. We already have an application in place but since we want to provide this part to the customer, we need a remake.

I will go with you through the current UI as well as the wireframes and designs for the new one. Then a brand-new Anvil Project must be set up where the custom UI should be developed. In addition to the implementation we would also appreciate inputs for the UI and design in general. The python programming of the application logic is out of scope, however the UI implementation must have some sort of documentation or a verbal description where you walk me through the architecture.

I’m looking forward working with you!

How to apply:
Send me direct message or an email at

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