To "like" a gadget requires re-logging in?

Already logged in to, I click to like a script. I’m then redirected to this page, puzzlingly (with my profile pic in the upper left showing that I’m already logged in):

Interesting! Where was this script that you liked? Was it embedded in a page somewhere? If you can share a screenshot of the page where you clicked the Like button, that would be helpful. Thanks!

It was just one of the Featured scripts on my homepage, I think. Here’s what it looks like immediately before I click on the heart, which brings me to that sign in page (it’s my own demo app showing at top in the background):

edit: I thought maybe allowing third-party cookies would fix it, but it didn’t. I also turned off AdBlock and PrivacyBadger but still the same result.

Thanks - that’s really helpful. We’ve found the problem, and should have a fix soon :slight_smile:

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This should now be fixed - please let us know if you still see the issue after a hard refresh!


It’s fixed for me now.

(Some other, related UX hiccups remain, though. When I hover over the heart on the home-page “featured examples” card, it changes color, seeming to indicate that I can “like” that script immediately by clicking on it.

Instead, though, clicking that heart merely opens the script in a larger modal, and then I have to click on the heart in that modal to “like” it. Also, when I then close that modal, the “like” count on the home-page “featured examples” card doesn’t reflect my new “like”—until a refresh.)

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These are also now fixed!

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