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The New Personal Plan - just $15!

Hi all,

If you hang around here for long, you’ll see lots of people who run their businesses on Anvil. We sometimes tell their stories on the podcast and on our blog; sometimes they pop up in the Show&Tell forum; and some of them never break cover at all.

But we also know lots of folks using Anvil in their spare time - as a side hustle, for learning, as a hobby, or taking the first baby steps towards launching a new product. And for them, the full Individual plan could be a bit of a stretch. So today, we’re launching something for you:

The Personal Plan :tada:

We’re opening up the most requested Anvil features, for just $15 (or £10, or €12) per month. You’ll get:

  • :snake: Full Python 3 server environments, with all the built-in libraries

  • :triangular_flag_on_post: No banner on your Anvil apps

  • :spider_web: Custom domain names

Check out the full details on the pricing page!

What if I’m already on the Individual plan? If you’re on the Individual plan, you have already been automatically upgraded to our new Professional Plan:

The Professional Plan :star:

The Professional Plan replaces the Individual Plan – it’s the same price, with all the tools you need to deploy a professional app, including:

  • :test_tube: Testing and staging environments, so you can test your bleeding-edge code without giving it to all of your users or customers

  • :man_scientist: Multiple databases, so you can develop your code without touching production data

  • :stopwatch: 90 days of history in your App Logs (vs 7 days for Personal)

  • :minidisc: 300,000 rows and 10GB of data storage (now expanded!)

  • :fire: More CPU and RAM to handle heavier traffic

  • [REDACTED - watch this space for more professional features…]

How do I choose?

If you’re using your app at work, or for paying users, the Professional Plan is your go-to. It’s got everything you need to develop an app that other people rely on.

If you’re just starting out, learning, or using Anvil for a side project – give the Personal Plan a go! You can get your feet under the table, and deploy real, powerful apps.

How do I get started?

Head on over to the Anvil Editor, click My Account, and choose Upgrade!


Wonderful! the more poeple that can use Anvil the better the world is.


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This is Awesome! Just what I was waiting for!


Thanks, Anvil team - this was the nudge I needed to sign up! I’m slowly scaling up a SaaS project and this price point was absolutely perfect for me to take the leap into the server modules :slight_smile:


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