TextArea spellcheck control

I just created a small example to illustrate how to enable/disable spellcheck from a TextArea in response to a Forum question about the same. However, during the 10 minutes, I wrote the example, the question was removed from the Forum… So here’s a reply without a question :slight_smile:


Thank you, uat! I posted the question, but then I realised that it was actually Chrome’s settings that were causing the unwanted spell checking, not Anvil. That’s why I removed the question. However, I’m sure your reply will be useful, both to me and to others. :grinning:

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I’m surprised that this is not a built-in feature already in the component properties (in 2022). I’m also surprised to see so few replies and likes here, seems like this would be a pretty useful, relatively popular feature.
Thanks a lot @uat , that really helped me :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Forum, @2030stan!

I used to use TextArea, but for output, not input, so spell checking wasn’t a big wish. Then I realized that a Label could do the same job. Then RichText arrived, allowing Markdown format. And for still fancier output, custom HTML components.

Numbers, names, and choices form the bulk of most apps’ inputs. This leaves TextArea in a niche that not many applications need, or use very sparingly: multi-line input of text. So it’s not surprising to see few comments or likes.

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I needed that for code conversion (so both editability, the multiline body and the no-spell check were important). Thought if I get out of my head, I guess I can see that it’s a pretty rare need haha.