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Terms of Service and Analytics Questions


I noticed that there is a Google Analytics tracking tag on the apps developed and want to understand how this relates to the Terms of Service and how it applies across the different plans.

Does Anvil track activity on all customer-developed apps and if so, is there an opt-out provision?

Conversely, I’m interested in implementing a tag management system for my own analytics implementation, and wondering whether there is access to the provided site/form templates to do this, or is there some other means that is documented.


Hi there!

As explained in our privacy policy, which applies to all plans, there is no Google Analytics tracking on the deployed applications. If you have identified GA tracking code in a deployed application, that’s a bug!

If you want to insert your own Google Analytics (or similar) tags, it’s probably easiest to add them to the Native Libraries. We also have support for in beta if you are interested.

Thanks for the confirmation. That must be it–I have not published/deployed, but did see a tag included in development run mode. My other thought was that it may be for tracking the banner clicks.