Storing Media in Data Grid

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I’m developing an app where all reports are stored in PDF in a Data Table. My intention is that this media can be consulted by the user through a Data Grid in the form, so the download would be possible.

However, when I sync my Data Table with my Data Grid, the media column shows:
“<anvil.LazyMedia object>”

I’m struggling to turn this column “downloadable”. I’ve tried with the Link and Buttons components but I can’t access the pdf from the RowTemplate form.

You should not link the PDF directly to the Get Media column, as this is a text cell.

Instead, inside the row template of the data grid, you can add a button on the Get Media column. Said button can be coded to download the PDF related to each row.



Just solved it by:
def button_1_click(self, **event_args):
mymedia = self.item[‘get_media’]

so I can get the specific media of the row that the user is clicking.

Hey, Im having a similar issue to you, but im quite new to anvil, could you please show me the exact snippet of code you used to achieve this ?

Im trying to display files (PDFs) stored in the data tables

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