Sorting and Filtering on Linked Rows in Data Tables

I’d like to request Sorting and Filtering be added to the linked row popups when administering Data Tables. If you have a large list of linked items, it’s very hard to find what you’re looking for.

It would also be helpful if you could launch into directly editing the linked item. Ex. Double clicking the Store linked on an Order Header table row would take me to or create a popup for editing the Store’s information in the Store table.

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Hi @jeff,

Agreed, this would be helpful for linked tables with several rows. I’ve added this to the list :slight_smile:


We NEED the ability to filter by column values (like an Excel sheet) in the Data Tables view. We also need the ability to filter/order by linked row values. The current Data Tables implementation is too slow to be useable that we have actual production data in the system.


I believe there is a FR about this already. If I’m not mistaken it is also by you :slight_smile: .

I will merge.

Can we get some feedback from the mothership about where this is in the queue? I haven’t seen any improvement to the Data Tables since we’ve started using Anvil months ago.

I’m just a volunteer but from what I understand it is not often the case that users get to know if/when FRs are going to be implemented or where they are in a queue.

In the meantime, it is probably best to keep this FR in a single thread rather than repeating it in a new thread. I hope it gets more votes!

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Just venting some frustration. Thank you for consolidating the threads. The issue is causing major friction with our team though–it’s not an easy thing for us to work around without investing significantly more man hours.

Any update specifically for sorting (tables.order_by) by a linked row?