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[SOLVED] Data Tables Editor requests

Two requests:

  • Ability to scroll left/right without first scrolling to the bottom of the rows!
  • Data Tables Editor SORTing seems broken and/or doesn’t work across pages. Sorting a number column should sort regardless of paged data (just like a LIMITed SQL query). As is, it makes trying to find a numeric value extremely difficult if you have more than 100 rows of data. --This was user error on my part. You can sort on multiple columns, when doing so, a number appears by the sorting indicator in each column. The number shows how many columns are active in the sort.

Thank you,


Both of these these things work me (I believe). I’ll check again.

Sometimes I do have to resize my browser though to regain the ability to scroll right and left.

To confirm what @campopianoa says – we would consider both of those to be bug reports!

Can you share a clone link for an app that illustrates that problem with sorting in the editor? As for the scrolling issue, a screen recording would probably illustrate it best.

Thank you for the quick response! The second issue was user error on my part! My apologies–I didn’t grasp that multi-column sorting was going on.

The first issue, I think can be demonstrated by this screenshot (as the bottom scrollbar doesn’t show up–unless I scroll all the way down in the results).

And then scrolling all the way down… the horizontal scroll bar appears.

Please let me know if you still need a clone link.

Thanks again!


Did y’all just fix something or am I losing my mind? The horizontal scroll bar just started working again.