Slider UI component

Hi Team Anvil,

I would like to request that a Slider UI component be provided as one of the standard component. It would help developers to provide more options for user interaction.


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Can you please point to an example of what you’re looking for?

Reason I ask is that I see the term slider being used for a draggable min/max value on a bar as well as images sliding in and out of view.

Here I’m looking for draggable min/max value similar to the image shown below. Thanks !

I think the labels can just be tooltips, which are already taken care of.



Is there any update on this topic? Because image slides are a modern topic I think this should be answered.

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Hi, i think that sliders (H and V) should be added, i have in my head the QT Designer Widgets. I note Radio Button and Check-box. Thx for your great work.

Hi @and.bertini and welcome to the forum.

You might like to have a look at the components available in the Anvil Extras library.

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Thx Owen, I will see today.

There is also a slider in Anvil | Library.

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There’s also this one

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