Showing off Anvil to others

Yesterday I was having a call with my college friends. We plan to participate in a nation-level hackathon, and I suggested using Anvil. The rest of the conversation went like this.

Won’t we need any other javascript framework for that?
Me: No, we have Anvil.

What about backend?
Me: Anvil.

How will we manage our database? SQL or anything?
Me: Anvil.

We also need it to work offline. How will we do that?
Me: Anvil.

We don’t have much time and our project is quite complex.
Me: Don’t worry we have Anvil

Why are we not being taught that in our college?


I do that! I have a special topics course I use for Anvil, and usually at the end of the course the students ask, Why didn’t we learn this sooner?