Repeating panel Update

I got a repeating panel self.display_data which takes the employee punches from above (refer to picture) and puts it into a data table with all of the employee’s clock in/out.

What I am trying to do is when the button “End Shift” is clicked, the repeating panel should update to the new data table which has the employee data inside it.

So my question is how do you update the repeating panel to show the information? If I log out and log back, the data table reflects the last punch.

I tried something like this and vice versa, but I don’t understand it.

  def end_shift_click(self, **event_args):
    clockout_end_shift = self.Current_Time()
    clock = self.Start_back_from_lunch.text
    current_user_row = anvil.users.get_user()
    current_user = current_user_row['email']
    for row in,Clock_In=clock)):
      row['Clock_Out_End'] = clockout_end_shift
    self.end_of_shift.text = clockout_end_shift
    total_hours = self.total_hours()
    total_hours = self.TH.text
    for row in,Clock_Out_End=clockout_end_shift)):
      row['Hours_worked'] = total_hours
    # refreshing the time card view
    self.item = self.displaying_data.items

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