Real time video calls in any app

For my latest blog post, I thought it would be fun to explore adding video calls to an Anvil app.

The post is an introduction to using Daily’s WebRTC API and shows you how to use JavaScript with Anvil (don’t worry if you haven’t tried using JavaScript APIs in your Anvil app, it is much easier than you think!).

You can use the video call functionality for anything – communication for web based games, video-based collaboration software, or live customer support.

Check it out: :point_down:
Using Daily’s video chat API with Anvil

Here’s the finished functionality:

It would be great to hear what you all think! Would you like to see more content about video calls or WebRTC?


I’m interested in more such content. Also, any thoughts on Daily vs. Jitsi? (So far, my understanding is that you get a limited number of rooms in a free Daily plan, whereas Jitsi Meet gives you unlimited rooms. I’m guessing that Daily may be higher quality or more reliable, but that’s just speculation.)

p.s. There’s a Jitsi Anvil demo here: How can I build a VoIP system in anvil? - #12