QR Scanner using Javascript-Python

Hi all!

I customized two Javascript QR scanners available in github and got them working in client code:


There is an explanatory note inside the app.

Try it on mobile phone. The app is for Android by using the last camera of phone. I read (but have not tested) that for iPhone the first camera should be used.



Looks good.

Tested on iPhone, works as expected :+1:

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Thank you, this is great! It works on several Android and iPhone models I tried it on.

And just so it works both ways, here’s an Anvil QR Code generator:



Hi there

This looks great, except I’m getting the following error on both safari and firefox on iphone:

NotAllowedError : The request is not allowed by the user agent or the platform in the current context.

Any ideas?

Dear Redjo,

Works fine here. Thank you for that.

Just in case somebody else was also looking for the relevant code as an example on how to include JS: You will find it in the Custom HTML of the form! For example: Form: _Professional, then self/properties/ Custom HTML/ then click Edit. May be that was obvious to everybody but me…