Python 3.10 Beta Missing

I don’t have the option to select Python 3.10 (Beta) even though I am using the beta editor and I am on a Professional Plan account. Is there a schedule for rollout of this to all users or a way to request this upgrade? It would be very helpful for a project I am working on currenty.

Hi @ts_coder,

I tried creating an app in your account and choosing Python 3.10, and it seemed to work just fine - here is the app in your account. Does that work for you?

Thank you @daviesian I can see Python 3.10 as an option on the sample app you provided. However, on an app I created yesterday and an app I just created I still do not have the option to choose Python 3.10 (see attached screenshot).

Edit: After re-visiting the link you sent me, now Python 3.10 isn’t an option on that app either.

Hi @ts_coder,

Thanks for the update - that helps a lot with finding the problem. It seems that your user account is taking a long time to load into the Editor, and until that happens the Python 3.10 option won’t show up. Please can you try the following steps?

  1. Load the Beta Editor, leave it for a few minutes, then open any app and let me know whether Python 3.10 shows up in the list.
  2. Open the Developer Tools in your browser, switch to the Network tab, enter user-details-v2 in the filter box, then refresh the Beta Editor. You should see something like this:

    If you can post a screenshot of the network tab that you see, that would be very helpful.