Progress Updates for File Uploads

Hello Anvil Team and Community,

I am currently developing an application that requires uploading large video files, and I’ve encountered a challenge that I believe could be addressed with a new feature. As of now, Anvil does not provide a built-in method to track the progress of file uploads via the FileLoader component, which is crucial for enhancing user experience, especially when dealing with large file uploads.

Feature Request: I would like to request a feature that enables progress tracking for file uploads in Anvil. Specifically, it would be highly beneficial to have:

  • A progress callback for the FileLoader component that provides ongoing updates on the amount of data successfully uploaded.
  • The ability to display this progress in the UI, potentially integrating with existing components like a ProgressBar.

Use Case: This feature would be particularly useful for applications involving media management, data backups, or any scenario where users need to upload large files. It would improve user engagement by providing them with clear feedback on the upload process and help in handling network issues more gracefully by giving users real-time updates.

Current Workarounds: Currently, to achieve this functionality, I am considering manually chunking files and sending them to the server piece by piece, updating the UI with each chunk’s upload completion. However, this method is complex and can be prone to errors, particularly in handling network inconsistencies and reassembling files accurately on the server.