Problem using published dependencies

I have one MAIN application, that depends on a REPORTING application, and then the REPORTING depends on a UTILS application.

We want to publish the content of main branch of all of these three applications. All are published (even if in the docs, it seems that we don’t really publish a dependency application), and they are supposed to be using the main branch of each repository.

I can see the changes I made in MAIN application. However, the changes I did in REPORTING and UTILS are not available, as MAIN continues to use an older version of theses applications.

Is there anyone that could help me on this? I have the impression that I am not publishing correctly the dependencies, so any new change that I make there are not visible to MAIN app.

Here in the docs, it mentions that if we are using an app as a library, it will be using the “most recent” version of it. What “most recent” means in my scenario?


If I remember correctly, dependencies don’t care about environments or what is published, they just see the master branch as published and the latest commit as development.

You can also add tags named v1, v2, etc to any commit, and you will see them in the dependency version drop down.

If there is a published branch in a dependency, that will be treated as Published and master will be treated as Development.

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Do you know if there is a way to consider published (or development) of a specific branch? I want to use different branches for development, and if possible to define what is the production (and published branch)

For dependencies, it’s what I posted. The branch name is used for Published and Development status.

For specific versions, it’s as Stefano posted, you can tag a commit with a version number (following the v1.0 scheme) and you can depend on that specific version.

Those are the only options I know of for dependencies.

Yes, now I remember, thanks for refreshing my memory.

This is one of the reasons why I don’t like the master branch. The Merge changes into master button is telling you that master is the production branch, but dependencies think it’s the development branch.

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